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Help me learn Portuguese

Aprendando português lentamente em Nova York desde há 2 anos, o meu próximo objetivo na vida é me tornar fluente. I am currently seeking a Marketing or IT Project Management position in a Lusophone market.

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Expat Experiences: I have previously lived and excelled in China & France. I am adaptive and ready to take on a new market/country.

Startup Experience: I previously worked to

Established Base: While I do not speak fluent Portuguese, I have an established base and I am eager to learn. This would allow me to have a more meaningful connection with local hires.


Building BRICs: My studies in college focused around BRIC countries. I have an understanding of the political system of the world's sixth largest economy, a market of 190 million ripe for development.

Strengths in Tech: Brazil's tech sector is booming. Multinationals are eager to enter the market. VC firms are creating a flourishing startup economy. I am a geek with experience successfully managing digital projects/teams and have startup launch experience.

Top 10 razões para me mandar para o Brasil

Positive Attitude, Few Obligations: Earning an assignment in Brazil is something I am eager to achieve, which would make me passionate about my work. Additionally, I am single and don't have property, so I don't have obligations at home that could interfere with my mission.

Solutions Finder: I excel at thinking on my feet and improvising solutions. Things can change spontaneously, last minute in Brazil. I feel confident that I have the toolsets, proven experience, and realistic view of the way the world operates to address this reality head on.


Interpersonal Champion: I am not afraid of heading into the unknown. I have always been able to connect with people of different backgrounds/cultures wherever I am put in the world. This would help me to fit in, establish a social position, and connect with the local workforce.

Samba: I don't take myself too seriously. Wouldn't it be hilarious to see a sunburnt red head trying to dance samba or doing Capoeira? There's enough reason there.

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